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Simple Search


Selling made Simple

We believe in a fair deal and are all about win-win scenarios.


We are flexible to your needs; we promise flexibility and transparency in the selling process. 

Let us grow what you've started!

Focus on People

We understand and care about the legacy and relationships that you have built. Our priority is taking care of your employees and customers.


We will build upon your legacy!

Expand your Legacy

We have experience and passion for running businesses. Unlike Private Equity, our sole focus is to grow your business and enhance your legacy. We're ready to move to your city to keep your business running.

Let us grow what you've started!


Simple Search was formed by two entrepreneurs, Emilio and Javier, that met while studying business. Our goal is to acquire, operate and grow the right business with a focus on long-term value creation.

With a team of experienced entrepreneurs, senior executives, and professional investors from various industries and geographies, Simple Search provides the opportunity for a business owner to transition day-to-day operations to our internal team, allowing them to either fully retire or retain a reduced role.

Mountain Range


We are looking to acquire and grow one business

Business Situation

The owner is looking to transition to another role


We are looking for one business with at least $5 million in revenues


A growing industry with sizeable serviceable market



We'll make the process simple and transparent. If you need us to go fast, we'll do it fast. 

Get to know each other

1-2 weeks

We begin with introductory calls to get to know you.

Initial Due Diligence and Letter of Intent (LOI)

2-6 weeks

We will do a preliminary analysis of your company and agree on an preliminary price for your company.

Due Diligence and Closing

2-4 months

We will complete our due diligence and finalize the legal documentation to complete the transaction.


6 months - 1 year

We'll work on a transition plan. We'll work closely with you to ensure the company's long-term success.


We would love you to stay on board for a few months (or years) to learn from you!

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